Thursday, 29 April 2010


We have a new contact email address for Dino-Saw-Us which is

If you will be attending MCM Expo comic village and want to be part of the Dino-Saw-Us sticker game let us know and order your stickers as soon as you can! (if you were involved before you may have stickers already...but we plan to have more passports this time so you may want to get more...) It will work the same as last time but if you are new to the game then take a look at the old blog posts and check back here for more info.

We will be updating the blog over the next couple of weeks with the new list of stall holders with stickers and such like.

Spread the word!


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

MCM Expo - May 2010

Hello Hello!

Exciting news! The Dino-Saw-Us Passports are officially going ahead at the Comic Village at the upcoming MCM Expo!

Stall holders - we'll be sending out the emails asap about stickers and the like...

Expo visitors - prepare to collect some of the best stickers you've ever seen!


Thursday, 8 April 2010


Keep sending in any completed passports anyone who took part- or reviews or your thoughts etc. And thanks to people who have already!

We are now looking into running this at other events- hopefully MCM Expo comic village in May and Though Bubble in November. I'll be trying to contact the relevant people about this. Our first DINO-SAW-US at the Thing went really well and encouraged people to visit every stall and to talk to people and was fun!

We funded the passport printing ourselves, 180 were printed in total but we ran out on the day and probably could have done with double that amount for people who wanted to join we will probably have to discuss with event organisers if they have any funding towards printing of passports or some way round this (like anyone who can print them or has access to a free photocopier or anything like that!) Anyway, if you are interested in this being held at a comic event do get in touch with me!


"Hi Lizz

here is a scan of my completed passport. Well done, it was a great idea and I had loads of fun running around trying to collect stickers. I came over to your table but there was no one there and no stickers.

Thanks again for letting me take part.

Take care, enjoy the bank holiday


Sorry you missed my stickers- I must have been off collecting stickers myself! I'll give you two at the next event to make up for it!



Just emailing to say,I've got a dino-saw-us passport to show!!
It's not exactly completed but I tried to get a few while I was at the event.
I loved the event.
Definitely coming again next year.

Kathryn Newman



Here's my completed Thing passport.
Not exactly full but still highly special.

Ta for coming up with this, truly awesome idea.


Friday, 2 April 2010

Hooray! Another passport!

Hooray! A nice chap named Alex scanned in his passport! Good work Alex!

And another passport!

And here's another passport picture I took with my phone. Check out all those hand drawn beauties! Excellent work!