Thursday, 25 February 2010

Passports back from printers!

WOO! The blank-ready to be filled with exciting stickers- passports have arrived! Here is a quick photo:

I'm ordering my stickers from tonight, I'd recommend ordering your stickers by next week (if you can) to get them in time for the Thing (unless you are getting stamps or stickers from elsewhere in which case you need to work out when you should order by yourself!)

You can use existing work and it is easy to upload to moo so won't require much effort and is cheap! Of course you can do a new design for it if you want and I'd suggest just doing one sticker design just because otherwise people may want more than one sticker from you. That way if we run this at other events you can do a new sticker design for a new event perhaps.... we'll see how it goes anyway....

Thanks to everyone who has mentioned this places already, we already have lots of people involved (see right) hurrah! Please do mention it when you talk/blog/tweet/insert appropriate social network site here/etc about the convention if you are involved so people know they can collect stickers from you! stick stick stick collect collect collect, that's the catchphrase. It's not really, I'm just overtired and can't stop typing.


  1. That is totally the catchphrase!

    Do my hands look too slutty?


  2. No, that hand is a thumbs up!

    I must go to bed. Really. Like millions of awful jokes come into my head when I'm overtired, it's like an illness.

  3. Should we be aiming for a particular size of sticker/stamp by the way? I'm thinking of getting a stamp you see...


  4. Count Moo & Keo at table 6 in!
    Ordered stickers already

  5. Keo- just added you! please let anyone else you know who is attending about it so no one is left out who wants to be part of it!

    happymrlocust- see latest post about sizes for stickers. It is a rough guide, the passports are a6 size so as long as it is about the size of a regular stamp that is ok.