Sunday, 28 March 2010


Just a quick (but massive) thank you to everyone who got involved with the Dino-Saw-Us Passport game at the UK Web and Comix Thing 2010.

If you've got any photos/scans of completed passports then send them over - we'd love to see them.

Hopefully we'll run it again at other events so watch this space!

Thanks again!


  1. Thank you for organising it! I got to talk to so many people with passports who might not otherwise have stopped to say hello. Congratulations for coming up with such an excellent idea, and implementing it so nicely as well. :D

  2. Agreed, for people like me who have very much difficulty opening a conversation, the stickers were great. It was better than last year where I kind of stood in front of people staring at them, and they just stared back.