Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A week and 2 days to go!

Blah blah blah just a quick update-

Lots of artists are now part of the Dino-Saw-Us sticker hunt (see list on the right!) and I've had many emails from people who are not exhibiting saying they are coming along to collect stickers. If you haven't ordered your stickers or stamps yet I'd say there is possibly still time if you do it NOW but obviously there is a risk that they won't arrive before next week... who haven't been able to get stickers don't worry or feel like you will be left out- the passports insides are blank so perhaps you could do a quick drawing or something if people want to get a stamp from you in their passports!

If you have photos of your stickers/stamps let me know and I'll add them to the blog. Next week we will put together a map for people to print out so they know what stalls they can collect from (and we'll try and bring some copies too if you can't print it out) Woo!

YEAHHH oh yeah! :oD

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